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Will Drones EVER Get Cheaper? Checkout 8 cost effective drones

Will Drones EVER Get Cheaper? Checkout 8 cost effective drones

Will Drones EVER Get Cheaper? Checkout 8 cost effective drones

Will Drones EVER Get Cheaper? Answered

Drones are incredible machines that enable even the average person to take breathtaking photos and videos from the air…but at a steep cost! However, will the price of drones ever come down?

There are two reasons why drones will become more affordable in the near future. As new competitors enter the market, drone manufacturers will have to lower their prices in order to maintain a larger share of the market as a result of new drone technology improving manufacturing efficiency.

In this article, we’ll learn more about the drone industry and how much it’s likely to cost in the future.

Factors Affect Drone Prices Today

In today’s world, the cost of drones is a hot topic. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are becoming increasingly popular, both commercially and among enthusiasts.

Prior to shelling out your cash on a drone, consider a slew of factors before making your purchase.

Buyers are always willing to pay more for drones if they are equipped with the following four critical features.

      1. What’s the picture quality like?
      2. How long will the drone’s battery last when being used for aerial photography?
      3. Which onboard memory storage capacity does it have?
      4. Is it possible for you to travel with that particular unmanned aerial system?

The Quality  Of Camera


Drones with better camera quality are also selling well and commanding higher prices. As of late, it appears that 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras on drones are becoming commonplace.

As more and more people learn to fly drones and take their photography to new heights, the demand for high-quality camera drones will continue to soar.

The duration of time your phone’s battery lasts.

For a drone enthusiast on the lookout for a new model, battery life is a critical consideration. The more time your drone can stay in the air, the more footage you’ll be able to capture of the area.

Just to get a few extra minutes in the air, many drone pilots will pay hundreds of dollars more to get one that can stay in the air for longer.



It’s no secret that people love to travel, and it’s even better if you can bring your drone along to capture some incredible sights and moments!

As a result, customers are more willing to pay higher prices to drone manufacturers if the drone is smaller and easier to transport.

Capacity of the storage system.


More onboard memory storage capacity for photos and videos is another popular feature request for drones.

Because of the increased onboard storage, the pilot won’t have to stress about accidentally formatting their memory card or accidentally deleting important footage. Many drone enthusiasts and people in various industries would gladly pay more for this feature if it meant they no longer had to worry about running out of storage space on the drone.

One company has completely dominated the drone sales market, and this is largely due to the company’s wide range of droning options being able to satisfy all of these requirements.

This company is DJI, and they control over 74% of the global market for commercial drone sales with their wide range of drone options ranging from small beginner drones to large commercial drones designed for use on movie sets.

DJI’s Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, a portable thermal drone that changed the game, was released in 2018. The Anafi Thermal, on the other hand, was introduced by Parrot in 2019 and costs $700 less than the Enterprise Dual.

FLIR’s thermal imaging unit is built into both of these drones, making them thermal portables. Despite the fact that DJI’s Enterprise Dual was the superior product, many customers opted for the Anafi instead due to the Enterprise’s high price.

As a result of these and other factors, drone prices have fluctuated over the past few months.


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The Price of Drones in the Future

It’s no surprise that as drones become more popular around the world, more people will want a piece of the action. But what will drone prices be like in a few years? Will they be higher or lower?

As a rapidly growing market in the tech industry, the future price of drones is still very unclear in many ways. As more drones are produced as a result of the current surge in interest and sales, competition from hardware manufacturers is currently driving down drone prices, and companies that provide value-added services are profiting.

These services will account for roughly half of the total market’s gross revenues and profit margins. The price of drones in the future will also be determined by the industries in which they are used.

Unmanned aircraft are disrupting a variety of industries, and how they are used in those industries will have a significant impact on future drone prices.

Drones are made from smartphone parts, and due to the market’s rapid growth, investments in these parts over the last decade have driven down drone prices, making them more accessible to consumers and businesses. 

Drones that are less expensive are also becoming increasingly popular for recreational use.

Drone manufacturers’ fierce competition is driving down prices for these types of consumer drones, particularly higher-end models capable of shooting high-quality photos and live streaming HD quality video.

Drones, as previously stated, are similar to smartphones in many ways. After all, some smartphone components are now used in many drones. Drones are essentially smartphones with the ability to fly or move.

Smartphone prices continue to rise year after year as new phones with improved technology are released. Is this the same reason that the most recent drones continue to become more expensive each and every year?

Yes, indeed. Drone sales work in the sense that the drone industry releases drones that are better and capable of much more than their predecessors each year.

Final  Thoughts


Even with all of the uncertainty surrounding the future prices of drones, one thing is certain: they will only get better!

All of this price and capability competition among manufacturers can only benefit us enthusiasts.

I must admit that I am also concerned about drone prices skyrocketing and having to pay an arm and a leg, as well as sell my left kidney, to afford one.

But, when you think about it, we constantly pay for the latest phones, whether Apple or Android, because they have better technology and features than the previous one.

We can only wait for the next technological breakthrough in droning!

If you’re a professional or just want to have some fun, JB’s extensive drone range has what you’re looking for. The adventure begins here, with 4K camera drones, mini drones, and everything in between. 

We launch our drones into the skies as pilots. Mother Nature does her thing, while we are able to manage our drones to some level, thus it's normal for our drones to return to us and look a bit worse for wear. To make sure your drone is ready to fly, take the time to purify your drone, and care for it.

8 of the Best Low-Cost Drones

With the constant fluctuation of drone prices, you may be wondering which drones are the most affordable while still being good enough to be considered a camera drone.

I took the liberty of compiling a list of drones that not only take great photos and videos, but also have a price tag that won’t have you fleeing the store:

The best cheap drones to buy right now
Ryze Tello.: The best cheap drone overall, thanks to flight tech by DJI
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Holy Stone HS100 GPS FPV. The best cheap drone for aerial photography.

Potensic Elfin drone. -A well-made and robust little drone that’s easy to fly


Potensic A20 Mini Drone. -This budget option is a brilliant choice for kids

Parrot Swing Quadcopter and Plane Minidrone. Pull off barrel rolls and vertical loops with this dinky stunt drone

Potensic D85.An ideal camera drone for getting started with FPV

Syma X8 Pro. The best cheap drone for mastering aerial photography skills

Eachine E58 Pro-  This budget drone packs lots of features for the price

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