Why does my drone keeps flipping over? ( How to Fix it)

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With so much buzz around drones in recent years, many individuals have began dabbling in this fantastic pastime.

You may be taken aback by your quad’s iconic somersault flip out at its maiden liftoff! This is a frequently asked question, and it is far more prevalent than you may believe. Numerous factors might cause your quadcopter to turn over when it is throttled up. At least one propeller is spinning faster than the others.


The good news is that most of the time, it’s simple to correct, and we’ve identified and compiled the top 10  reasons why your drone could flip out of control.

Why does my drone keeps flipping over? ( How to Fix it)

1.Motor(s) rotating in the wrong direction:



As with the previous step, verify that the motors are spinning in the proper direction while checking the motor assignment.

On the top of the screen, a graphic shows the direction in which each motor should spin. A pro suggestion is to wrap a piece of tape over the motor threads to make direction identification easier.


2.Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Protocol Alignment:

Ensure that you are utilising the right ESC protocol. If they are not configured appropriately , they may reboot under high power conditions.


3.Loose Prop Nuts:

Tighten each prop nut and check that the props do not spin freely as the motors operate.


4.Misconfigured Transmitter:


Confirm that the inputs on your transmitter match those on the BetaFlight RX Tab. During the initial configuration, some of them are frequently reversed.


Take a look at our in-depth explanation of this issue. Typically, four machine screws are used to secure the motor to the frame. Examine the connection between each of the four motor screws and the motor windings for continuity.


 This will very certainly result in the motors malfunctioning in a variety of unforeseen ways. Take care, since the screws may occasionally get too hot to touch!

5.Malfunctioning Flight Controller:


If none of the possible options listed above resolves the issue, the issue may be with the flight controller’s gyro.

Replace the flight controller and attempt again. Take a look at our well-known list of the Top 5 flight controllers!


We hope you found this checklist useful, and we’d love to hear from you! Additionally, we would want to hear from you if you identify any additional factors that contributed to your quad flipping over that are not stated.

6.Incorrect orientation of the flight controller’s board:


The flight controller may be installed incorrectly. Generally, there is an arrow or some other indicator on the flight controller indicating which direction is forwards flying.


However, this setup may be modified using Betaflight or any flight controller configuration software. Double-check that the flight controller’s markings correspond to the intended orientation in Betaflight. Additional information on flight controllers may be found in our in-depth article.

7. Incorrect Motor Assignment:


Remove the props and inspect the motors to ensure they are correctly allocated and linked. In BetaFlight, select the motor tab and individually ramp up each motor using the slider to ensure the proper one is spinning. On the top of the screen, a visual shows which motor slider should correspond to which motor is being throttled. To identify the direction of the spin, we propose putting a tiny piece of masking tape around the motor threads.

8. Motor or ESC failure


Have you lately had a crash? In BetaFlight, verify that all motors and ESCs are spinning.

We recommend utilising the primary throttle controller so you can compare their spinning speeds. Bear in mind that you must remove your props!

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