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DJI mini drone First time Owner- Accessories You need

DJI mini drone First time Owner- Accessories You need

TOP 7 DJI Mini Accessories you need!

As a DJI Mini Drone First time Owner- Accessories you Need to start with.

It’s exciting times ! You have your new DJI Mini Drone and all excited to fly with your kids and take amazing cinematic shots in you favourite places.

You have many questions going on in your mind related to accessories you need and already get with retail packaging to keep your expensive drone safe and durable.

In this Blog, I have tried to cover this for you and help you understand essential accessories that you need to own as a new DJI Mini Owner. 

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Table of Contents

1.Drone Landing pad


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Landing pad is like a mini heli pad that helps drone land and take off easily. 

You may choose a place to fly your drone that has high grasses and uneven surfaces. Landing pad will provide your drone flat ground to prevent damages to blades while may occur due to colliding with grass during landing.

Besides it is easy to locate the landing site of your drone from a far due to the bright reflective colours used on the landing pads. 

Here is the  Drone Landing pad Link  if you would like to have one.

2.Drone landing Gear


The drone Landing gear is a small light plastic attachment that goes under the drone so it has little room for the drone to settle on the floor keeping some distance from the ground.

It helps drones land on grassy places and on uneven grounds keeping blades safe.

You can Purchase the landing Gear By Clicking on the link here..

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3.SD Card


 Due to 4K capturing  capabilities of mini drone 2 you need to pay attention to buy the right one that has good memory capacity. For 4K, a video speed class of V30 or more is ideal.

It’s generally a good idea to get a high-speed SD card, especially if you are shooting in RAW or filming high-resolution video. In that case, you‘ll want a class 10 SD card or higher with a UHS (Ultra High Speed) classification.

Here is Amazon link if you would like to buy one

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4.LED Light for drone


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These are light weight mini LED flickering lights that helps you locate your drone during night time flying.

It also helps you find your drone if it is stuck on tree or hiding lost in the woods.

They can be easily attached to the drone.  It also makes your drone hi-tech. 

You can Purchase LED Lights for your new Drone By Clicking on the Link here.

5.Carrying case


I realised the carry case is  # 01 essential accessory.

It is super convenient for carrying it outdoor. It will secure your drone along with most of its fragile accessories.

The original retail box doesn’t serve this purpose.

Carry case is handy easy to pack un-pack your drone. Your drone is ready to fly as soon as you hit your favourite outdoor locations.

Get One here

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6.Light Reflector Stickers


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You can Purchase Luminous Fluorescent Stickers for your new Drone By Clicking on the Link on the right. 

It helps you locate your drone during the night flying experience. Strip glows in the dark makes the drone a little more visible. 

Get One here

7. Lens Cover

Lens Cover provides multiple protections to the camera preventing foreign objects from collision and dust.

You can Purchase the  Lens Cover for your DJIMini Drone. 

family lawyers BrisbaneBonus Accessory

WaterProof Decals

You can customize your drone with Badass decals like this one here. It may also help to precent scratches on your drone.

Get One here

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